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IRO is a Paris based womenswear and menswear brand founded by Laurent and Arik Bitton - both come from the music industry. Back in 2005, they decided to channel their love of rock music into a different medium: fashion. Inspired by the assertive and cool women in their circle of friends who had an original sense of style, they created a clothing line that had a distinct vintage feel and at the same time mirrored nonchalant, easy chic style .The first IRO store opened in 2006 Saint Germain des prés on rue des Saint Pères . This was followed by a second store Rue Vielle du Temple in Le Marais in 2008 and two other stores Rue Etienne Marcel and Rue Saint Sulpice in 2011.


The candidate must have an exceptional customer service and strong sense of fashion, plus the ability to maximize sales through strong communication skills, knowledge of the industry and the enthusiasm for identifying with clients to maximizing sales.
You must understand the product and give proper attention to the visual merchandising and layout of the store.


We're looking for experienced and passionate candidates with great knowledge of luxury products, good communication skills and team-orientation.

The ideal candidate is a passionate person who works hard to reach standards of excellence in customer service and assist each customer with the goal of obtaining and maintaining loyalty to both the store and the brand.

You should be hard working and extremely motivated with an excellent work ethic. Flexible, involved and communicative. You must be proactive in multi-tasking on the shop floor with the ability to prioritize and work well within a team.